Sunday, March 30, 2014

You're My Star Is A Hit!

Tank NEVER disappoints. After a very successful album with TGT the new king of R&B is blazing the charts with yet another hit "You're My Star". Tank is definitely bringing real music back and his fans are eating it up!

"You're My Star", has that grown and sexy feel that music lovers of all ages can enjoy. The musicianship, the lyrics, and his sultry vocality will definitely make you keep this one on repeat.

Tank is definitely headed in the right direction, so glad he came back full force after being one of the most underrated artists in the industry.

Look for his next album dropping this July!!!

Download "You're My Star" on Google Play and ITunes.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

And We're Back!

Hey Loves it's been what feels like an eternity! So much has happened since we went on hiatus and we can't wait to talk about it! On Monday we will be hitting you with some great topics and of course the hottest in music and fashion. So stay tuned and buckle up for the ride!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We'll Be Back Soon

Hello Lovers,

We haven't forgotten about you. Due to other ventures taking off at uncontrollable speeds, Swag and Music is on hiatus for the next month. We love you and we promise to be back soon with more of the great content you love!

~Team Swag

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kirk and Rasheeda-Should They Divorce?

During the first and second seasons of Love and Hip Hop ATL, Kirk came off as a loving, and supportive husbandger to his wife Rasheeda and underground rapper. They seemed to be the perfect couple, but during this season we watched things unfold. Rasheeda finds out that she is pregnant, and Kirk wasn't the least bit happy about it, he questioned the paternity of their unborn child and even accused her of being a cheat because she's a rapper. Really Kirk, that's the best you could come up with?

Kirk was definitely suffering from a mid-life crisis during this season. I mean who says "I'm tired of raising my kids"? Well then you should not have had them if that's the case, it's what adults do when they decide to have children, they give up just about everything they want to raise their kids. So he goes up to the lake to hang with Benzino (boooo) and Bobby Valentino (another boooo) and there are a bunch of half naked women there. Half of which should not have been half naked given their size, and who do we see all hugged up on Benzino other than trying to make herself relevant Bambi from Basketball Wives L.A. with all them gums!

Anyway Kirk decide he wants to be an idiot and cheat on his wife with some groupies, who are only using him to make a name for themselves. Then he is caught at an event with the same chick by Tracii who informs Rasheeda of what happened. It's like why would a man of his age, who has been married as long as he has, put his pregnant wife through so much public humiliation? Why is it that men aged 40 and over even go through this phase where they have to find out whether or not they still Got It?

At this point I feel his apologies to Rasheeda are not genuine, and I thought it was a good idea that she filed for separation, it'll give him some time to think about what he has done and what embarrassment he has placed on himself and his family. I do not think they should divorce, I think that they should at least try to work out their differences and see how it goes from there.

 This is for men and women alike, the grass isn't always greener on the other side, Kirk said he slept with the girl because he was drunk, OK what if you didn't protect yourself and contracted aids, and then gave it to your wife and unborn child or vice versa.... It's so not worth it.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Hottest Comedian Alive

Kevin Hart aged 33, is currently the hottest comedian alive right now, some say he's even hotter and funnier than some of his predecessors like Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. Not only is he a phenomenal comedian but he is also an excellent actor as well, starring in films such as Soul Plane, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and the hit movie Think Like A Man, he is one of the co-stars of hit BET show Real Husbands of Hollywood, a fake reality TV show. Kevin has also released his own set of comedic movies, Grown Little Man 2008, Seriously Funny 2010, Laugh At My Pain 2011, and his Madison Square Garden performance Let Me Explain which dropped July 2013.

I recently went to go see Let Me Explain and I must say that he never disappoints. Every movie he has been in, and every performance he has given has been side splitting funny. To me the funniest thing about his performance is the faces that he makes, his animations bring the jokes to life and make them even funnier. 

What makes Kevin a great comedian is that he incorporates personal experiences into his act. He talks about himself, his kids, his relationships and friends, and he gives his audience something to relate to.

If you haven't seen Let Me Explain, please do it's in theaters now and it is flipping hilarious. But what did you expect from the funniest comedy alive?

Check out a clip below!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin-Modern Day Emmitt Till-There Is Still NO Justice!

17 year old Trayvon Martin was stalked, and gunned down last year by an over zealous, wanna be cop, and vigilante George Zimmerman. Trayvon was walking home from the store minding his own business, when he was profiled by race and attire by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman followed Trayvon in his car, and called the police, during court proceedings the 911 operator clearly tells Zimmerman NOT to follow Trayvon after to Zimmerman told him that Trayvon started running away. I mean who wouldn't run away if someone was following them, who wasn't a cop?

There were so many different things in this trial that didn't add up. Take for instance this: Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon was bashing his head against the concrete, OK any adult with any smidget of common sense knows that if someone is banging your head against CONCRETE that you are definitely going to be a little woozy if not knocked unconscious.

Florida's stand your ground law is basically giving trigger happy idiots, the right to shoot and kill whom ever they please. Neighborhood watch, means WATCH and call for help if needed. NOT stalked, chase down, and shoot someone you THINK is a criminal for no other reason than they are walking at night, wearing a hoody and they are black.

I'm very angry, and my anger has NOTHING to do with race, this is about right and wrong! It was NOT self defense if you went looking for the fight, and furthermore don't look for a fight and then want to shoot the person if they are whooping your ass! This goes for black, white, hispanic, asian, purple, blue, or green!

In the same year in Florida Michael Dunn shot and killed Jordan Davis, another black teen over loud music. I mean come on is it open season on young black men in Florida? How can Florida law allow for people to just open fire on other people. No one and I mean NO ONE has the right to take another human life if your life is not in immediate danger. How could Trayvon have killed Zimmerman or even wounded him with skittles and tea? How could Jordan Davis have killed or wounded Michael Dunn with loud music?

A jury of all women, women with children acquitted Zimmerman, they obviously were not paying attention to the trial. They let a killer go free, and the state did more than prove their case. It's crazy how Zimmerman gets off for killing someone, when Marissa Alexander gets 20 years for firing a warning shot at her husband who was physically abusing her.

Does the stand your ground law only apply to certain individuals? 

The country is in an up roar and state of belief at that fact that Zimmerman got off, peace rallies, and marches are being held in his honor. Celebrities are supporting Trayvon and his family. The NAACP has started a petition to have President Obama file civil charges against Zimmerman.

Again this isn't about race, this about people taking the law into their own hands and taking innocents lives. We as a people and as Americans need to stand up and charge our government, to change these laws and get tight grip on gun control.


Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello Swag and Music Lovers,

We are on vacay until Thursday. We will miss you, hope you miss us. Be back soon!

~Team Swag

Friday, July 5, 2013

Magna Carta is FIRE!

How could anyone expect anything less than brilliant from Hip Hop King Jay Z? Over the past decade he has had countless hits, sold billions of records, and reeled in the biggest catch ever "Beyonce". 

Jay Z's new album dropped Wednesday July 3, 2013, and people have been buying it like it's the last loaf of bread in the world! Buzzing all over Facebook and Twitter, Magna Carta may be the rapper's most explosive album thus far even bigger than The Blueprint

Want to know what the actual Magna Carta is? Follow this link: Magna Carta

Make sure you RUN and purchase this mind blowing album!

Check out "Holy Grail" from the album Magna Carta below!

Ray J Is A Hater!

So I just watched the Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape (Yes I know...I'm Late). These are some freaks! However this sex tape made Kim the superstar she is today (Ladies don't ever make a sex tape!). Since this tape was leaked, Kim has blown up, her family has their own television show, they have a clothing store, she has an online shoe store, and many other things going on.

She just gave birth to daughter North West on June 15, 2013 with now fiance Kanye West, and Ray J is being a straight up hater! He says "Overall I'm happy that Kim is healthy and happy in this new avenue of her life". But he has also joked about it with friends saying that at least his keepsake of Kim made him money and won’t cost him money!

He went a step further and made a wack song titled I Hit It First. The song overall is very corny and immature, but then this dude has a video vixen who looks a whole lot like Kim. Kanye isn't going to let this blow over lightly, and I don't blame him.

I think Ray J is a hater, he is just mad that Kanye put a bun in it, and now has put a ring on it, and he is trying to do anything he possibly can to make his self relevant. I mean he had a few songs that weren't all that, he's over 30 and still sounds like his boys haven't dropped yet, he had that little show on VH1 "For The Love of Ray J" and then the show with Brandy, but he still isn't popping.

Nothing about him makes me say "I wanna buy that Ray J album" NOTHING. He needs to face facts, you're not tough, your songs are wack, you're not relevant, and the only thing you will ever be is Brandy's little brother!

We are Team Kanye over here at Swag and Music Etc.!

Check out the wack song below!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

K.Michelle- Headed Straight To The Top

We came to know this little firecracker by the hit VH1 reality television show Love and Hip Hop ATL. During the first season K.Michelle was in the middle of relaunching her music career and getting over what she claimed to be an abusive relationship. As a result of that claim, she lost her friendship with underground rapper and LHHATL co-star Rasheeda. Rasheeda is friends with man that K.Michelle accuses of beating her. We have also seen her beef with another underground rapper and co-star of LHHATL Karlie Redd, who K.Michelle says has a lop-sided booty.

But just like a Phoenix, she rose from the ashes and now she is one of the hottest R&B/Soul singers out today. Her much anticipated album Rebellious Soul drops this August, which will feature her hit single V.S.O.P.

It has also recently been confirmed that K.Michelle is dating ex-NFL player Chad Johnson? Does she have thing for abusive guys? Does she not know that he went upside his ex-fiance Evelyn Lozada's head? Anyway, she also moving to the sister show Love and Hip Hop NY. How do you think this southern wild flower will fit in with the even cattier cast of LHHNY?

Here at Swag and Music Etc. we love K, we wish all the best in life and love, and we can't wait until the album drops. She a very talented young lady and she will definitely make her mark on the music industry, wait.....she already has! #teamk.michelle.

Check out the official V.S.O.P. video below! (Love the song HATE the video)